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Honley CSI Centre - Launch Event

Published by Dr Steven Dobrowski in News and Views · 19/7/2013 20:00:37
Tags: CSICentreHonleyLaunchForensicLordmayorHuddersfield

Well, back in March we said .... "
We have now moved to our new office and training centre, located in Honley, Holmfirth, where we will soon be running our courses and events, after school activities for children, and parties with a "forensic" flavour for children of all ages. There will be no space quite like it anywhere else in the region, and we are really looking forward to opening". That all happened way back in April, and if you've been following us in our posts, or on Twitter, you'll know we've come a long way since then.

We "
Officially" opened on Thursday 11th July with a visit from the Lord Mayor of Huddersfield, Councellor Martyn Bolt, who spent time looking round the CSI Training Centre to discover there's rather more to CSI than one sees on the television!

So, our CSI Training Centre is
NOW OPEN. See the "courses" section of our web site for details of what it is we will be doing through the summer months.

Honley CSI Training Centre - Corporate Training

Published by Dr Steven Dobrowski in News and Views · 20/6/2013 19:35:46
Tags: CSICentreHonleyForensicCorporate
NEWS: A bunch of field biologists from a large international company decended on our Honley CSI Training Centre today, where they were quickly introduced to life of the crime scene examiner and the investigative process

Honley CSI Training Centre Visits Greenhead College, Huddersfield

Published by Dr Steven Dobrowski in News and Views · 18/6/2013 17:15:42
Tags: GreenheadCollegeCSICentreHonley
Hosted by Greenhead College as part of their 2013 PAWS event, staff from the Honley CSI Centre delivered a two-day event showing students how different the worlds and work of the forensic scientist and the crime scene examiner really are.

Forensic Fact of the Day

Published by Dr Steven Dobrowski in Fact of the Day · 14/6/2013 19:39:06
Tags: ForensicFactoftheDayFingerprintsFrederickCherrill
The Henry system for the classification of fingerprints introduced in the early years of the 20th century has been used successfully ....

Forensic Fact of the Day - Police Acronyms - TWOC

Published by Dr Steven Dobrowski in Fact of the Day · 13/6/2013 08:31:08
Tags: ForensicFactoftheDay
Every profession has its acronyms. Some more POLICE ACRONYMS to do with VEHICLE CRIME ...
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