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Our Forensic Science / CSI Training Rooms

Forensic Science / CSI Training Centre


Developing the training room was a job "well done". Here's the story in pictures:


The forensic training room - The empty space

If you have visited these pages before, you will have read that the work we carried out for Keighley Town Council to develop a Forensic Science Education Centre for them in March and April 2012 was successfully delivered and on completion, passed back to the Council to manage as a social enterprise. Since then, we have been working towards developing our very own facility so that science-based enquiry can be delivered to support teachers and their students and others interested in finding out about the world of the crime scene examiner and the forensic scientist. Our new forensic science / CSI training rooms, based in Honley near Holmfirth were completed in April 2013 and were officially opened by Huddersfield's Mayor Councillor Martyn Bolt in July 2013. We are now "officially" open for business.


The forensic training room - The "office" gets installed



Are tailored to several audiences:

  • For pupils and students in education our courses are delivered to meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria relating to your schemes of study, and enable you to complete assignments more effectively.

  • For teachers, our CPD courses will contribute to your continuing professional development and enable you to acquire new knowledge and skills and deliver more effectively in the classroom.

  • For corporate bodies, our CSI courses provide a distinctive approach to facilitate improvements in communication and collaboration for your managers, and a unique environment and experience for your business and corporate events.

  • And for all others, you’ll be able to get some hands-on experience through our Experience Days in solving some mini murder mystery whodunnits? and discover that not everything you watch on “CSI Whatever” is quite what it seems to be.

Fall into three categories:

  • Taster Courses provide a flavour of what it is practitioners do through our Experience Days and other events such as Summer Schools and Whodunnits?

  • Thematic Courses usually have an underlying scenario and cover one or more of 1) crime scene investigation, 2) lab-oratory-based examination of evidence, and 3) preparing for and delivering in the courtroom. These are delivered over one or more days.

  • Technical / Specialist Courses provide training in how to carry out the proper recovery and examination of specific types of physical evidence (such as fingerprints, footwear marks, fibres, trace evidence, body fluids, documents, ballistics, etc.) and develop competencies in professional practice. All courses include elements of the interpretation of evidence in the context of the case.

The forensic training room - the screens go up


The Forensic Training Room - Completing the Screens

Typically, our courses for students in schools and colleges are delivered as whole-day events to fit within a typical school day, whereas our CPD courses for teachers are delivered as both half-day, and whole-day events to make it easier for busy professionals to attend. For all others, you should contact us for details of our course listings.


  • Crime Scene Investigation

  • Crime Scene Photography

  • Forensic Multimedia (Presenting Evidence in Court Electronically)

  • Laboratory-Based Forensic Examination

  • Recovering Fingerprint Evidence (physical techniques)

  • Recovering Fingerprint Evidence (chemical techniques)

  • Examining Fingerprint Evidence

  • Document Examination

  • Handwriting and Signature Comparison

  • Recovering and Examining Trace Evidence

  • Presumptive Tests

  • Courtroom Skills: Expert Report Writing

  • Courtroom Skills: Giving Evidence in Court

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