Blood Spatter
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CastleViewUK Forensics Limited is an independent provider of training in the forensic sciences, these being defined as "the application of science to questions of law". Forensic Science can also be thought of as "the science of association". Why? Because one of its principle aims is to provide scientific evidence to show whether or not there has been any association between a suspect and a crime.

Our forensic courses and crime scene courses for teachers deliver a taste of what it is forensic scientists and crime scene examiners do on a daily basis. They will enable you to understand some of the issues these professionals meet in real casework, and provide hands-on experience of forensic practice through laboratory exercises and mock scenarios. Our courses will also enable you to identify ways in which you can create new activities for your own students.


We offer two, one-day courses for teachers:

  • Crime Scene Examination

  • Forensic Examination in the Laboratory

Both of these introductory courses are designed to introduce key aspects of forensic casework and the application of scientific method in processing crime scenes and/or forensic evidence and are comprised of three sessions, the first introducing the forensic principles and a case scenario, followed by two hands-on laboratory-based sessions in which the case scenario is investigated.

The Forensic Examination course tracks the process of laboratory-based forensic examination of items from the point at which they are received at the customer services desk of a forensic laboratory to the creation of an expert report for the court of law. The crime scene examination course targets the processing of crime scenes to preserve the scene and maximise the recovery of physical evidence. An emphasis on both courses is the gaining of hands-on experience that will help you develop ideas that can be used in your own delivery in the classroom.

Our courses held at our training rooms are available on the following dates:

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Teaching Aids

We supply a wide range of materials to support the teaching of forensic science, ranging from physical materials (e,g, fingerprint powders, brushes, crime scene suits ..), science aids (e.g., fact and instruction sheets), and forensic forms and documents.
Forensic Supplies.

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