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Flat Vector Fingerprints - Mixed Sets

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Our mixed sets of fingerprint pattern types contain one of each of the following fingerprint patterns: Plain Arch; Tented Arch; Left Loop; Right Loop; Plain Whorl; Central Pocket Whorl; Double Loop Whorl; and Accidental Whorl.


Our flat vector fingerprint image sheets are printed in high definition and high contrast on bright white 120 gsm A4 stock. The prints appear as clear black ridge lines against the white background. The ridge lines have been narrowed slightly to give excellent clarity of both Galton 1 and Galton 2 level details.


The image sheets for preview on this page are all digitally marked and have a "Copyright" image embedded into them. So please do not attempt to copy the images from this page. The fingerprint image sheets we supply are of course free from the embedded "Copyright" mark.

Looking for Something Unique?

Can't find quite what you want? Looking for something unique? We can prepare bespoke flat, vector fingerprints to meet your precise requirements, in any quantity and any size.
Just give us a call.



There are 6 sets of Mixed Pattern Fingerprint Sheets to choose from. Just as it is in the real world, none of our fingerprints are ever the same. Our Sets of Mixed Pattern Fingerprint Sheets each contain 8 different fingerprint pattern types.

The price you see is the price you pay - all prices include VAT, Postage and Packaging : Mixed Sets - 12.99

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