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We have been making our own proprietary cleaning products for years, and use them in all of our commercial work and domestic cleans for every one of our many, valued customers. Branded "Evergreen", these products are now available directly from us. Details can be found at our sister website www.evergreenalwaysgrowing.co.uk.

And the back story ....

Evergreen. Always Growing
The seed of the idea was planted several years ago … Isn’t it time we start making our own cleaning products? It was; so we did. And for the past five years we have been using these exclusively when delivering our cleaning services to our many clients. That includes you. And with all the great comments we’ve had, along came the second seed … These are great, so isn’t it about time we started making these available for our customers? It has been (about time, for a good while); so now we are! Yes, the seeds have germinated.

Meet The Range
Growing out of the “Covid Crisis”, we have recently added two disinfecting products in our new “Hygiene” range. Both are designed to deliver two essential outcomes – cleaning (helping shift stubborn dirt and grease) and disinfecting (against bacteria and viruses), and they also eliminate odours - all in one go! So why two products? Hygiene 1 is a fragranced cleaner, and for those that prefer, Hygiene 2 is a fragrance-free option. But let’s not forget our first three great products, the ones you’ve already told us you love, used by all our cleaning staff over recent years to clean just about every area of your home. Our unique cleaning-system-for-your-home “Home” range is now also available directly from us.
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