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Everyone needs to take a break from work from time to time. Our Diversions Corner is a collection of diversions from your day-to-day routine. We hope you enjoy them.



Are you a forensic sleuth? Do you think you know your stuff? Then try our questions, ranging from the trivial to the not so easy, and see how you shape up. A few  to get you going ....

  • Forensic Science is? Forensic science is the application of science to questions of law. It is also "the science of a---------n.  What is the missing word?

  • Who Played the Part? In the film, "Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother", who played the role of a lovely, suspicious actress?

  • True or False? An Expert Witness is a scientist whose area of expertise enables them to give evidence in court.

  • Know your acronyms? Give the meaning of the following terms used by the UK Police: ABH, ACPO, ANPR, ARV.


There is something to suit everyone in each of the three parts of our Puzzles and Challenges Section, so try your hand at our jigsaws, sliding tiles and little problems to test your powers of observation and deduction. Almost all have a "forensic" conection, and whilst some are easy, some are certainly not!

  • Are you a Fingerprint Sleuth? How many ridge endings and bifurcations are there on this tented arch?

  • Are you a Fingerprint Sleuth? A partial crime scene fingerprint has been found. Is it the suspect's?


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