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OK. So, you've come to find out just how bright you are? Excellent. Let's find out shall we?

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For every question, there's an answer, which you can find by clicking over the word "ANSWER". But do yourself a favour - don't look at the answer until you've tried to think of the answer first.

Forensic Science is?
Forensic science is the application of science to questions of law. It is also "the science of a---------n.  
What is the missing word?

Know Your Acronymns?
What do each of the following mean?


Know your Acronyms?
What do each of the following terms mean, and what are their uses?

Know your Acronyms?
The following are all UK Police Acronyms. What does each mean?

True or False?
An Expert Witness is a scientist whose area of expertise enables them to give evidence in court.

Good with Figures?
A policeman, a barrister, a politician, and a baptist minister want to cross a narrow bridge. They all begin on the same side, and it is night. Only the policeman has a torch, which he must lend to or share with the others as the need arises. At most two men can cross the bridge at the same time, and any party who crosses, either one or two of the people, must have the torch with them. The torch must be held at all times - that is, it cannot be thrown, or left lying on the floor to illuminate the way. Each person walks at a different speed, and a pair must walk together at the speed of the slower person. The policeman is very fit and needs only one minute to cross the bridge; the barrister, being not quite so fit needs two minutes to cross the bridge; the politician, being a little overwieght needs five minutes, and the baptist minister, being a ponderous fellow more used to standing in the pulpit than walking quickly, needs ten minutes to cross the bridge. So, for example, if the policeman and the politician walk across together, they need 5 minutes to get across the bridge. This pre-amble is long, but the question very short: How can all four men cross the bridge within 17 minutes and how many trips does the policeman make?

What's His Name?
Sherlock Holmes' "partner was Dr Watson.
What was Watson's first name?

Know your Acronyms?
What links the following terms and what does each mean?

Who, Where and When?
Where and when was the Henry system of fingerprint classification first approved for use?

Who Played the Part?
In the film, "Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother", who played the role of a lovely, suspicious actress?

Know Your Evidence?
In blood spatter analysis, what is "impact spatter"? Is it:
a) a description of blood which impacts upon a surface;
b) the result of the application of a force to wet blood;
c) the appearance of the pattern of droplets of blood after assault;
d) something which always occurs after a single impact with a weapon on soft tissue?

Know Your Definitions?
Integrity in the context of forensic casework means:
a) The forensic examiner has the highest standards in accurately reporting their observations in case notes;
b) Items of forensic physical evidence are not contaminated at any time;
c) All information is brought to the attention of the defence counsel;
d) The forensic reporting officer is unbiased in giving accurate testimony.

What's His Name?
To whom was the following letter written, and who is credited with writing it?
Sor I send you half  the Kidne I took from one women prasarved it for you tother piece I fried and ate it was very nise. I may send you the bloody knif that took it out if you only wate a whil longer signed Catch me when you can ... "

Can you Think Straight?
A forensic scientist, Bob, and a crime scene examiner, Billy Jean, meet up at a crime scene.
Bob and Billy Jean have the same mother and the same father, they have exactly the same birthday, yet they are not twins. How can this be true?

Know Your Evidence?
Direct evidence is ... ?
a) Evidence that a police officer has obtained from a suspect at interview;
b) Evidence that an ordinary witness has observed at the scene of crime;
c) Physical evidence such as fingermarks;
d) Evidence given orally in court or to a police officer.

Who Said It?
Who said, "Your brother's dead. Keep dancing," to whom was it said, and in what film was the quotation taken from?

Who Said It?
Who is supposed to have said, "Toute action de l'homme, et a fortiori, l'action violente qu'est un crime, ne peut  pas se dérouler sans laisser quelque marque", what does it mean, and what principle (in English) was established?

Who, When and Where?
Who was nicknamed the Barbarian and was expelled from several schools before gaining international renown  in his profession; and for what was that renown gained?

Know your acronyms?
Give the meaning of the following terms used by the UK Police:

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