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Here's another page of trivia questions for you to try. Let's find out just how bright you are?

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Remember, for every question, we'll give an answer (just click over the word "ANSWER"). But do yourself a favour - don't look at the answer until you've tried to think of one first.

Who committed the
West Port murders, in which city were the murders carried out, and when were the murders committed?

When was the radio (wireless telegraphy) first used to apprehend a murderer, who was the infamous criminal, and whom was the victim?

In Two Places at the Same Time?
A young girl is in Manchester, England, and her mother in Melbourne in Australia on the same day. The young girl has an unfortunate accident and is taken to hospital for treatment. Oddly, the little girl is the daughter of the nurse who treats her. How is this possible?

The Last Man Hanged?
Who was the last person hanged in Britain,
in what year did the hanging take place,
and for whose murder was the sentence passed?

Know Your Acronyms
The following are all UK Police Acronyms.
What does each mean?

Logical Thinking
A man has been found dead, though not from natural causes. Two of the following statements are false.
So how did the man die?
A:  The man committed suicide
B:  The man was murdered
C:   A is false and B is true

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